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  • Annual Report – Edition 2023!

    Because the mission of the association includes integration, social cohesion and equal opportunities, the financial independence of DUO for a JOB is crucial for the sustainability and advocacy of the association. It is with this in mind that the association constantly strives to diversify its sources of income and is committed to communicating transparently about the use of the donations received and the effectiveness of its activities.

    The creation, support and follow-up of the duos is at the heart of our activties. This is why personnel costs constitute the major part of our expenses.

    “DUO for a JOB gave me more self-confidence when looking for a job. I like the fact that the mentors are there and have been chosen in relation to the mentee’s journey. I think it makes the experience more personal because the mentor is someone who understands you more.”

    Amandine, mentee at DUO

    Strict management and financial transparency

    To ensure that the DUO for a JOB project continues to evolve and grow, we make every effort to ensure that our finances are well managed. We also work directly with an accountancy firm company and have taken steps to ensure that our accounts are properly drawn up and that the financial stability of the organisation is assured.


    Reliability, responsibility and independence

    The association’s accounts are certified annually by a PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) CPA. Following a thorough examination of the accounts and internal procedures, a report is drawn up containing an unqualified opinion as to our compliance with accounting standards.


    “Always an extremely enriching experience, where you learn as much about yourself as about the other! a small human adventure that makes you feel good.”

    Koen, mentor at DUO