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  • Annual Report - Edition 2021!

    To find a job, you sometimes need a helping hand, especially when you’re young and not familiar with labour market laws. Having a mentor allows you to take stock of your background, your desires, and to respond to job offers more effectively … and it works!

    What is a mentor?

    At DUO for a JOB, a mentor is somebody who is both available and who has experience in your professional field, who has been trained, and who accompanies you for a maximum period of 6 months. Each week, she/he advises you, answers your questions about your background, advises how to promote your skills, while giving you the benefit of her/his practical experience feedback. It’s a good way to take an objective look at yourself, to encourage your ambition and your self-confidence, or to extend your network.

    To participate, you must :


    Be between 18 and 33 years old


    Have a non-EU nationality OR be a French with an immigration background (at least a parent or grandparent was born outside of the EU)


    Have a valid French residence permit (temporary residence permits < 6 months are not taken into account)

    During the programme, your mentor can help you develop :


    Your CV and motivation letters


    Your self-confidence


    Your professional network


    Your capabilities


    How to handle a job interview




    supportive and enthusiastic mentors

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    duos launched since 2013

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    7 out of 10 young people get a job, an internship or training


    9 out of 10 mentors repeat the experience

    A word from our mentees!

    quote I love DUO. A team that is both professional and honest. I love the attitude and energy. It can simply make life better! quote

    Yasser, 25 years old

    quote DUO is just the programme I needed. It enabled me to go further in my search efforts towards employment. I gained experience. I regret that I did not hear about this programme much sooner but I am very proud of all I have learned from it quote

    Francine, 30 years old

    quote I have learned so much. Thanks to DUO, I have regained confidence in myself. I had run out of ideas. I was lost and now I have found myself quote

    Ali, 22 years old