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    Are you thinking of gathering your friends, your loved ones or colleagues around a common societal project?

    Do you imagine igniting the first sparks of a wonderful synergy between your school or your association and ourselves?

    Choose your way to be part of our community!


    Run the 20km of Brussels in blue and green and raise money for DUO for a JOB !

    I organise a fundraising for DUO for a JOB

    A wedding or a wedding anniversary? A world tour, a sports challenge, an exhibition of your own art work? A concert?
    Give special significance to your event by associating it with DUO for a JOB. Each donation collected will mean a new encounter, a new employment, a way to make your city (and life) more beautiful! It only takes a few minutes to create your personal online fundraising page thus allowing your family and friends to sponsor you in the name of DUO for a JOB. Contact Lotje (lderidder@duoforajob.be)!

    I involve my colleagues

    You and your colleagues may be seeking an alternative way to reinforce and strengthen ties within your team? Would you like to use one of your group activities to move this project forward?

    There are endless possibilities to build bridges between your company and our organization! > lderidder@duoforajob.be

    I become a volunteer

    You would also like to play a part in bringing your town/city to life in an innovative way?
    You are too young to become a mentor or you would prefer to use your talents differently?

    I commit my school or my association

    You think that cooperation between us and your school/association would be of benefit to us and would make our mission even more successful? Contact Julien and tell all! > jlefevre@duoforajob.be

    Sponsor a duo

    By opting to sponsor a duo, you are offering a real chance for a young person to change his/her destiny, for a mentor to reinvent his/hers and for two citizens to discover each other. By contributing to the costs of a Duo (1370 euros), the association can guarantee a follow up by a coordinator, provide training for the mentor, cover running costs and investments linked to the tools put in place to facilitate and optimise the employment of the young person.

    Click here!

    Become a partner company

    Because DUO sees itself as a bridge between the voluntary sector and the business sector, we have come up with several ideas to harness the expectations of both sides and to create a meeting of minds.

    Financial or intellectual patronage, training partner, or part of your team-building programme, there are many possibilities for cooperation!

    To find out more, contact us directly! > lderidder@duoforajob.be

    I include DUO in my will

    By making DUO for a JOB one of the beneficiaries of your will, you give young people of today and tomorrow, your town/city and our society as a whole an opportunity to reinvent themselves. Would you like to know more? Find out which type of bequest or donation arrangement could best suit you.
    Click here! > lderidder@duoforajob.b